You are what you eat, therefore I choose to eat life.

Due to many health bouts in the mid 90’s I decided to change the way I looked at food, my health, and my diet.

In 1996 I decided to make the transition to Vegan/Vegetarian lifestyle, back in 96 we didn’t have flashy titles and hip substitutes, unique meatless burgers and such, it was back to basics, clean foods, eating to live, macrobiotic philosophies, Fruitarian fasts ……. The list goes on but I have learned so much that now over 22  years later, that now it has become embedded into my DNA.

My history of this lifestyle consists of years learning, studying and harmonizing myself with the Tao of foods, learning different techniques from many amazing Vegan chefs, whether it be ITAL, Macro, Plant-based, Soul food, Asian, Thai, I have learned to create magic and cook in the respected style and genre of food above.

Veganism has not only had a profound effect on my health, my energy but it has also had a game-changing effect on my mind, the way I act towards all sentient beings including animals, by showing the utmost love and compassion and being mindful instead of reacting.

“The beginning of mindful eating is the realization that eating meat is not about the meat eater; it is about the animals who are tormented and killed.”

Hakim TafariVegan Boy Fresh