PSZM, or PURE SOULS, is about pushing boundaries and creating a safe space for ALL runners alike—as well as anyone interested in the Taoist/ Buddhist art of Tai Chi Chuan.

We’ve built a bridge between both worlds and the cultures that surround them by creating PURE SOULS TAI CHI CLUB that meets every Sunday at THE LINE HOTEL here in the heart of LA.

The Run Crew component, PURE SOULS RUN CREW, serves as a beacon for all those who seek to find a deeper purpose in their run. We incorporate the practices of mindfulness and breathwork before, during, and after our runs. This brings a sense of balance and serenity to the run itself—as you become more mindful—your body mechanics, form, and breathing become a reflection of that attention.

We don’t focus on time or distance—we dedicate our run to reflecting on how we treat ourselves and others. Practicing compassion for ourselves while running, and echoing that energy out towards the other runners who chose to share the road with us.

It’s about community first and foremost. It’s about creating and holding space for a variety of individuals and groups. It’s an open space for all cultures (and levels)— whether you are an Elite runner or have never ran at all—everyone is welcome here at PURE SOULS.

To celebrate the launch of PSZM we’re dropping a limited run of our Pure Soul Zen Mind Enzo Tee.

Limited Drop

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