Touching the Trail Podcast Pt. 1: Metamorphosis

By February 1, 2020November 14th, 2020Podcasts

There is not quite anything like meeting someone and instantly connecting with them on a deeply emotional and intellectual level. This happened between Hakim Tafari and I. I did not know much about Hakim going into this interview, but I knew that I wanted him on the show after finding his fascinating Instagram through Noah Levine (who I also want to have on the show). Noah is someone who has deeply shaped both my life and my father’s, so I figured that if Noah was friends with Hakim then that would make for a wonderful conversation.

I was not disappointed, because right from the beginning of our conversation I knew that I would be life long friends with Hakim. His insight into what it means to overcome challenges in our lives, how to learn from them, and how to follow your truest path after those challenges is an insight quite unparalleled. He delivers this insight in a relatable and straightforward way, which is what I love. Sadly I was not able to finish the interview with Hakim due to time constraints so this is only Part 1 of our conversation, we will pick back up where we left off soon. Nevertheless this conversation explores black culture and its relationship with spirituality, the vitality of family, admitting fault, and realizing and learning from failure. We discuss Hakim’s story and how the many metamorphoses that we undergo throughout our lives, the radical change that might occur, are opportunities for growth and wisdom.


Jarod Contreras

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