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My name is Hakim Tafari

Born and raised in a small town called Ipswich, approximately an hour and a half outside of London. Having an opportunity to live in America from a very early age, I decided to embark and change my life in 1992, spending the first months in Brooklyn NYC, then moving to Austin Tx in late 92, this where my life took a very interesting turn.


NYC & LA Recoded: “Go Together”

This is a film about people separated by 3,000 miles, but who share a common thread. Through the underground movement of urban running in New York and Los Angeles, Go Together explores two cities – their differences and tensions, and their intertwined passions. What started more than a decade ago as a band of partiers and creators meeting for midnight runs, has transformed and grown up, becoming a movement that is just now realizing it’s true power while deepening the conversation between America’s two greatest cities.


Mindfulness is really the key to unlocking true self.

The essence of mindfulness is practicing karma and living true dharma for the greater good of not only self but all sentient beings, being aware of all situations, surroundings and walking a path of non ego and non judgement.

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Tai Chi is all about cultivating.

Through the constant practice of this art this art, you will comprehend more fully some of the profound concepts of heavy and soft, learn to adapt and skillfully develop an inner balance in chaotic situations.

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You are what you eat, therefore I choose to eat life.

My history of this lifestyle consists of years learning, studying and harmonizing myself with the Tao of foods, learning different techniques from many amazing Vegan chefs, whether it be ITAL, Macro, Plant based, Soul food, Asian, Thai, I have learned to create magic and cook in the respected style and genre of food above.

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Style and fashion is definitely what you make it.

Here at Veganboyfresh we look to push the envelope and look to tap into style, fashion, elegance, and grace from an Urban Gentlemen’s perspective and give a version of style that will assuredly inspire anyone looking to step their style game up.

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Exploring the culture of health and well being.

Whether you are an avid runner, cyclist, CrossFit enthusiast or just a weekend warrior, athletics is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and is one of the keys to a good life of health and longevity, it can also be used for battling certain disorders like diabetes, kidney disease, heart failure, the list goes on and on.

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This experience will explore the magical state of Chiapas – an adventure that will take you deep into the mountainous region of los Altos and through the pristine lakes and mayan ruins of the areas surrounding the border of México and Guatemala.

Local running guides you will connect with Chiapas’ Tzotil Maya communities learning about their indigenous heritage, while running on some of the most beautiful landscapes in Mexico and diving deep into your self with daily yoga and meditation sessions.



LA State of Mind.



React by You

KRC – Los Angeles
May 21, 2019

The delicate balance between Mindfulness and Running in Mexico.

May 21, 2019

The Experience of a Lifetime

Time to take a chance and experience the opportunity of a Lifetime with Aire Libre and myself in the Mystical land of Oaxaca
November 30, 2018

Meditation and QiGong with the Meditation Coalition

Join us for a day of movement and stillness that help create balance of heart, mind and body. This day, inclusive to all practice levels and body abilities, will flow…